Packaging not subject to scheme participation

Your new obligations for packaging that is not subject to system participation under the German Packaging Act

The amendment to the Packaging Act came into force on 3 July 2021.

This results in the following changes for distributors of packaging that is not subject to scheme participation:

  • Obligation to register or extension of registration with the Central Packaging Register / LUCID
  • Duty to provide information
  • Documentation obligation
  • Self-organisation obligation
  • Provision of financial and organisational resources

What is packaging that is not subject to scheme participation?

The following packaging is considered to be packaging not subject to scheme participation:

  • Transport packaging - packaging that facilitates the handling and transport of goods, but is not typically intended to be passed on to the final consumer.
  • Sales packaging or outer packaging that is not typically generated as waste by commercial end consumers (e.g. packaging of containers that are not typically purchased by end consumers due to their type and size)
  • Deposit-liable one-way beverage packaging
  • Sales packaging and secondary packaging that cannot participate in a dual system due to system incompatibility
  • Sales packaging of pollutant-containing filling goods
  • Reusable packaging

How do I find out if I have packaging that is not subject to scheme participation?

To ensure that you correctly allocate the scheme participation obligation of your packaging, we strongly recommend consulting the catalogue of packaging subject to scheme participation of the Central Packaging Register / LUCID before concluding the contract. This will clearly show whether your packaging is subject to scheme participation or not.

You can find the catalogue and guide under the following links:

What solutions does Landbell offer?

We are happy to support you in the implementation of your new legal obligations. With the help of experts and lawyers, we have developed suitable solutions that meet every need.

With the Premium and Premium Plus packages, you receive your individual all-round carefree package. The service packages contain the following components:
  • The Landbell Premium Handbook
    • Explanations of the current legal situation and your resulting obligations
    • Checklist of your to-do’s
    • Sample text for the fulfilment of your duty to inform
    • Exemplary template of a verification system for the fulfilment of your documentation obligation

In addition to the Premium Manual, you will also receive other helpful services that will make your life easier in the area of packaging not subject to mandatory participation and solve any problems that may arise:

  • Telephone audit + certificate by an expert
  • Webinars in which we regularly inform you about the current legal situation and the resulting obligations for you
  • Germany-wide disposal network (Premium Plus) with which you can immediately order a collection

Please contact your Landbell representative or call us at the following number:
(0 61 31) 23 56 52 – 800

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