The focus on more sustainable product design is a crucial factor in improving the recyclability of your packaging in mechanical recycling. If you include the recyclability of your packaging from the very beginning of the manufacturing process, it can be reused after use as a high-quality secondary raw material. This conserves valuable resources.

The starting point for improving the recyclability of your packaging is the analysis and evaluation of the current situation.

Become active and take your share of responsibility for a sustainable future! Set the example with innovative, recyclable packaging and incorporate this into your communications. In this way, you demonstrably influence the purchasing decisions of your customers.

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How can you make your packaging more recyclable?  

Landbell customers can register free of charge with the PACK2RECYCLE online tool to receive an initial assessment of the recyclability of your packaging.

The specially developed online tool offers the possibility to enter packaging yourself via a simple query mask. After querying the necessary information such as material type, color and size, a report is prepared that shows the recyclability of the packaging.

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