Mechanical Recycling

Mechanical Recycling

Mechanical recycling is the most widely used recycling technology on a commercial scale. Currently, it is the only recognized technology for achieving the recycling quotas according to the German Packaging Act (VerpackG).

The process begins with packaging collection and sorting, followed by crushing, cleaning, drying, extrusion and pelleting.

Compared to other recycling methods, mechanical recycling is comparatively energy-efficient and associated with low CO2 emissions. However, mechanical recycling in its present form reaches its limits with complex packaging and the quality of the recyclates is often not sufficient. The lack of demand from industry and trade for low-quality granules and the limited application possibilities mean that the loop can often not be closed.

Focusing on more sustainable packaging design, e.g. through the use of monomaterials, can significantly improve mechanical recycling. At the same time, better waste separation and the further development of sorting technology will make mechanical recycling much more efficient.

Landbell is constantly working to improve mechanical recycling. Find out more about our innovative projects here soon.

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