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DS Entsorgungs- und Dienstleistungs-GmbH is a subsidiary company of the Landbell Group. We are experts in facility waste management and transport packaging.

Since 2020, we have been an approved, manufacturer-owned battery take-back system within the scope of § 7 of the German Battery Act and are allowed to collect and recycle used equipment batteries on behalf of battery manufacturers throughout Germany.

We provide individual services as well as a full-service package for any type of situation.

Different sector, different waste

A whole range of different waste is produced during the production process of every industry. These can be normal materials such as paper, plastics, metals and wood. It could also be waste that requires special treatment such as food waste, construction waste or hazardous waste that has to be disposed of with special care in accordance with specific regulations. It also includes sales packaging that is accumulated as waste at large commercial collection points. This entire range of waste has to be reused, recycled or disposed of in an environmentally compatible way.

According to the Law on Closed Cycle Management, any waste that is accumulated at facilities, such as production or retail, has to be collected and recycled or disposed of in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner by the company that caused it. Companies are obligated to present a range of evidence and permits that prove they have fulfilled all their duties properly. The Packaging Ordinance (as of 1 January 2019 Packaging Act) also requires the final distributor of packaging that is produced at large commercial collection points to take back this used and emptied packaging and to recycle it. As of 1 August 2017, producers and owners of commercial municipal waste are required to separately collect the specified waste materials and recycle them if possible. This was stipulated in the Commercial Waste Ordinance (Gewerbeabfallverordnung) on 18 April 2017.

Well packed

Transport packaging is used to secure the transport of goods and protect them against damage. Transport packaging is made of different materials, such as films, bubble wrap, boxes, pallets or moulded parts and straps and it is often accompanied by packing materials. The top priority is always to protect your goods.

According to the Law on Closed Cycle Management and the Packaging Ordinance (as of 1 January 2019 Packaging Act), companies from the industry, retail and trade sector are obligated to take back their transport packaging, sort it by material and either reuse or recycle it. This generally requires a large logistical and bureaucratic effort.

Disposing of batteries safely and correctly

The German batteries act stipulates that automotive, industrial and portable batteries must not disposed in private household waste. There are several good reasons not to do so.

On one hand batteries contain valuable raw materials such as metals that could be recycled and reused. Moreover, batteries contain harmful substances like Mercury, Lead or Cadmium which are harmful for people, animals and the environment.

For this reason producers of portable batteries are required to join a battery take-back scheme that will take care of the environmental sound collection and recycling of waste portable batteries. The cost for the collection and the recycling have to be borne by the producers.

Furthermore, the German batteries act requires municipal collection sites, recycling organizations and distributors of portable batteries to collect waste portable batteries free of charge from consumers and hand them over to a take back scheme.

In line with these obligations, DS Entsorgung is providing free of charge collection containers for portable batteries in various dimensions. With these collection containers, organizations can collect their waste portable batteries that incur at work or at home.

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