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Our path to a circular economy

Climate change, air pollution, scarcity of resources – these are all the consequences of a linear economy. The circular economy is the only option for efficiently reusing recyclable materials and conserving resources.

Landbell has been working for over 15 years as an environmental and waste management specialist on innovative solutions to recycle packaging and thus keep it in the loop. We support our customers with holistic circular solutions – from product design to the provision of high-quality secondary materials.

The focus is always on the customers and their individual needs, because in the circular economy there are rarely sustainable all-inclusive solutions. As an independent specialist with a large international partner network, we want to understand your situation and find the right solution together.

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Plastic recycling: the biggest challenge

The recycling process always begins with the best possible waste separation in our households. It depends to a large extent on the quality of this material whether high-quality recycling is possible. The “Mülltrennung wirkt” initiative by the packaging schemes in Germany explains the right waste separation and recycling – how it works and what it brings.
Recycling works best when it is possible to close the loop. In this case, the materials used are ideally recycled with consistent quality. When recycling glass and paper packaging, it is already possible to close the loop in such a way that packaging becomes packaging or products again.

However, the recycling of plastics in particular continues to pose a major challenge. In addition, global plastic production has been steadily increasing for decades. So how do we manage to keep plastic packaging in circulation?

Currently, two recycling technologies play a central role in the recycling of plastic packaging: Mechanical recycling is the shortest and most ecologically sensible recycling cycle, for simply designed packaging and monomaterials. Chemical recycling as a complementary technology can close the loop for complex packaging and mixed plastic waste.

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