Disposing of batteries safely and correctly

Just like electrical and electronic equipment, most batteries are made of recyclable materials. Some contain hazardous substances. That is why there are separate collection systems for batteries to guarantee safe, efficient and economically-compatible recycling.

What are your obligations?

The marketing, collection and environmentally-compatible disposal of batteries and accumulators is regulated in the German Electrical Equipment Act (ElektroG) and the Battery Act (BattG). Manufacturers and importers are obligated to take back their goods, ensure the safe disposal of hazardous substances using appropriate treatment technology and to report on the quantity of goods placed on the market.

What solutions does Landbell offer?

  • We organise the collection and disposal of batteries in an environmentally-friendly manner and offer a full-service package specifically tailored to the German Electrical Equipment Act and Battery Act.
  • We provide suitable containers for storage.
  • We arrange the provision of a collection box and separate collection.
  • We take on the sorting and recycling.
  • We ensure that hazardous substances are disposed of safely in accordance with state-of-the-art treatment technology.
  • We collect waste electrical and electronic equipment from commerce and retail too.

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