...why the Yellow bag is yellow?

…why the Yellow bag is yellow? We neither! But we know that in Germany, every type of waste has its own colour: usually blue for paper/cardboard/carton, black for non-recyclable waste and brown for organic waste. We also separate glass by colour. And what about used lightweight packaging? They are placed in the yellow bag. Or in the yellow bin. Unfortunately, we don’t know who decided on the colour. But this much is clear: in 1991, when the collection of recyclable materials was introduced, it was intended to provide an eye-catching contrast to the black non-recyclable waste bin and usher in a new era of waste management. It continues to send a strong signal to this day.

You've always wondered why the yellow bag is so thin? Here you can find out why.

...that the colour of the glass containers is important?

… that the colour of the glass containers is important? Be it white, green or brown glass- correct waste separation makes sense: it`s the only way for glass to be recycled. For example, if brown glass gets in with white glass, all the glass will be discoloured when it is melted down. By the way: Other colours, such as packaging made of blue glass, is disposed of with green glass.

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